45-year-old old woman like the use of condoms urging slugs - using condom for fire starting


using condom for fire starting - 45-year-old old woman like the use of condoms urging slugs

If you're ever stranded alone with your special someone and you remembered everything but the matches, this how-to video should help. It will show you how you can make fire using just a condom and some water. Watch this video survival training tutorial and learn how to start a fire with a condom. Nonlubricated condoms excel at holding water but they're very delicate. They are also handy to use as a firestarter—once lit they'll burn for a few minutes, and can be used as part of a bow drill.

What happens when you need a fire, but have no lighter or matches but have a condom?! Check it out! Dec 09,  · How to Start a Fire With a Condom. How to Start a Fire With a Condom. Categories: How To Science & Tech. Tags: how science robots controversial titles a computers tips tutorials websites fire with condoms gadgets start experiments patents. MOST POPULAR. VIDEOS GALLERIES. A Fun Waste Of Champagne. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe

Dec 11,  · This is probably somewhere else in the forums, so please excuse my ignorance, but I watched "Man/Woman Wild" and the guy used a chemical reaction to start a fire. Two powders that had other uses as well and were fairly innocuous, but in a ratio, they started a fire, and pretty quickly at that. Problem is, I can't remember what they were. Using a Lens. This type of fire-starting requires patience, good tinder and sunlight. When you focus the sun’s rays into a single point on that tinder, it will eventually start to burn. You’ll need a magnifying glass or something that will act like one such as: a Fresnel lens; a condom .

Feb 23,  · We burn condoms to say that public health does not have all the answers. We burn condoms to exercise our voice and power of choice. The litany continues, 39 lines in all. Each line a litany unto itself, offering statements that seem simple but .