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Aug 26,  · Why would using a breast pump while pregnant be considered unsafe? When your nipples are stimulated (by a baby, or by a breast pump) a hormone called oxytocin is released. Oxytocin causes the breast tissue to contract, resulting in your breastmilk letting down. This hormone also stimulates the uterus to contract. Jan 01,  · Is it safe to use a breastpump during pregnancy? It is often stated that a woman should not use a breastpump when pregnant. However, there is considerable reason to believe that pumping, like breastfeeding, will not trigger preterm labor in a healthy pregnancy.

May 18,  · In the beginning, you may want to pump one breast while your baby feeds from the other breast. A breastfeeding baby will stimulate the let-down reflex and increase the flow of milk. As you become more confident in your ability to pump, you may want to pump early in the morning or between feedings when your breasts seem full. Jul 12,  · Uncover one and place the breast shield and the breast pump over it allowing it to work its way in 15 minutes or less. After which cover the breast and do the exact same thing on the other one. At the same time, oxytocin is released into the brain to help you go into labor. Learn more about 8 Essential Oils to Induce Labor Naturally.