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Young Adult Service programs have been developed at community mental health agencies throughout Connecticut. Connecticut Young Adult Mental Health Services. DMHAS Young Adult Services provides specialized, age and developmentally appropriate supports for young people, many of whom are transitioning out of the DCF system of care, who are diagnosed with a major mental illness, neurocognitive disabilities and/or significant trauma.

The transition into young adulthood is difficult for everyone, however, transitional living programs can help ease the transition for young adults from Connecticut. These programs help young adults develop self-sufficiency and independence by guiding them in a new direction. Whether one requires young adult residential treatment in Connecticut, sober living, day treatment or outpatient care, a Young Adult Recovery Program is designed to meet the unique treatment needs.

For struggling young adults from Connecticut who are in need of a fresh start we recommend young adult transitional living programs. Transitional living programs help troubled young men and women to get back into college, hold down a job, and manage their personal affairs. Basically, they learn to live independently. Getting help for your struggling Connecticut young adult at therapeutic programs There are many therapeutic programs for Connecticut young adults available across the country. Many programs include medication, in office therapy, and residential therapy. Trails Momentum employs wilderness therapy for Connecticut young adults to adopt a growth mindset, .

We represent the very best therapeutic residential programs near Connecticut designed for struggling young adults. Call one of our professionally trained Family Advocates at Call one of our professionally trained Family Advocates at Connecticut Young Adult Life Skills Training. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy on the philosophies of the Arbinger Institute, WinGate provides life skills training, adventure therapy, and substance abuse recovery treatment for young xxxcum.xyzonally, WinGate is also an affiliated member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.