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Apr 20,  · The cognitivist theory sees learning as a process that involves the structuring of the intellectual and cognitive processes of an individual. It sees learning as that which brings about new knowledge in an individual. Cognitive learning theory explains how internal and external factors influence an individual’s mental processes to supplement learning. Delays and difficulties in learning are seen when cognitive processes are not working regularly. These processes are such as attention, observation, retrieval from long-term memory, and xxxcum.xyzon: Federal St, Boston, , MA.

Adult learning theory began almost years ago. However, it wasn't until recently that the concepts were fully incorporated into mainstream adult education practices. Adult learning theory asks the question, "What factors impact adult learning and why?". Although there are numerous philosophies, theorists, theories, and models supporting adult learn- ing, there is good consensus on the characteristics that make up the deliberative adult learner. Adult learning characteristics also comprise the emotional, psychological, and intellectual aspect of anFile Size: 2MB.

Nov 23,  · Cognitive learning theory merges cognition and learning to explain the different processes involved in learning effectively. The cognitive learning process aims to chart the learning process for optimal thinking, understanding and retention of what we learn. The Piagetian perspective of adult cognitive development and adult education could have implications for how work and formal reasoning can be related to adult education programs and xxxcum.xyz: William M. Bart.