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challenges older adults in college - Older mom & adult boy. #4

Oct 21,  · Older adults (those over 50, especially) are finding that to keep up with their fresh-out-of-college coworkers — who often will work for smaller salaries — or to remain relevant in their workplaces, they simply must update their skills by earning certifications, continuing education credits or even advanced degrees. Jul 01,  · In fact, a recent national survey from Champlain College Online (known for its career-focused adult education) found that 60% of U.S. adults age 23 to 55 without a bachelor’s degree have considered.

Some of the biggest challenges facing adult students include: 1.) A perceived lack of time. Balancing a job, family and other responsibilities is challenging enough for most adults. Physical challenges are another reason some older adults decide not to attend a university. For example, if you have incontinence, you may worry about not being able to make it through an entire lecture without a bathroom break. There are a few options for dealing with this.

While the rising cost of college is a challenge for everyone, it's a particular issue for adult learners. Adult students have so many other financial responsibilities, from mortgages to families to existing debt, and so the idea of paying for college can be daunting to say the least. St. Louis Community College attempts to meet that challenge. Through proactive new student advisement and opportunities for placement in classes that are appropriate for adult students of all levels of achievement, STLCC is well-positioned to help our adult learners embrace the college experience and succeed in their long-term educational goals.

Courses for Older Adults are offered tuition-free to community members and offer a wide variety of topics taught by skilled professionals in each subject. Our classes are specifically designed for adults age 55 and over, and offer a welcoming and engaging environment for .