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Estimated amounts of calories needed to maintain energy and weight for ages up to age 18 years of age and median height and weight for that height to give a BMI of for adult females and. Jul 30,  · Calorie needs for adult women range from 1, to 2, per day. For men, the estimates range from 2, to 3, per day. Aim for the low end of the range if you are mostly sedentary (little to no activity). If you are more than moderately active, the .

As an example, an average height, year-old man who weighs pounds and is moderately active will require about 2, calories to maintain his weight. However, the calorie needs for men will change if he wants to gain or lose weight. The average calories burned per day by a real American woman is actually closer to 2,, while for a man it’s about 3, But you probably aren’t average, and your needs will change over time!! In this post I’m going to show you a superior way to think about energy needs and what this means for losing weight. Here’s what we’ll cover.

Jul 01,  · For example, a person with a calorie need of 2, per day to maintain their current weight can lose weight if they eat 2, calories per day. As an alternative, you can eat the same number of computer work: Inactive: Never or rarely include physical activity in your day. Somewhat active: Include light activity or moderate activity about two to three times a week. Active: Include at least 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week, or 20 minutes of vigorous activity at least three days a week. Very active: Include large amounts of moderate or vigorous activity in your day.

Feb 12,  · According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, women are likely to need between 1, and 2, calories a day, and men from 2, to Author: Yvette Brazier. Dec 02,  · The long-time recommendation is for you to aim for 2, to 2, calories per day if you’re a sedentary adult male and 1, to 2, if you’re a sedentary adult female.