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Jan 24,  · Most people associate butt rashes with babies and toddlers, but people of all ages, including adults, can get butt rashes. Many things from a . Sep 29,  · Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted virus that can cause rash-like symptoms on your buttocks, anus, or thighs. Herpes can be transmitted through any type of sexual contact, including.

Mar 12,  · Butt rash and irritation does not discriminate when it makes its very unwelcome appearance. It can happen to any adult for a variety of reasons. It also seems to spring up out of nowhere for most sufferers. One day your butt is suddenly on fire with redness, swelling and irritation that leaves you begging for a solution. Jun 23,  · There is no predominance in males or females. The other name for it is butt rash. There are many causes behind it. They can range from a simple viral rash, heat rash, allergy or at times sexually transmitted diseases.