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Service dogs have been found to be very beneficial for some children and adults with autism. Autism Speaks has put together a list of resources to help you learn more about service dogs and connect you with organizations that may be able to help you and your family find a service dog that is right for you. Autism Assistance Dogs for Adults As a vast majority of organizations trains the autism service dogs to serve children and family. So adults with autism may find it difficult to match and coordinate with a service dog. To find Autism service dogs for adults is a long and expensive process, but for most people, it’s worth the time and expense.

May 01,  · “There is a growing use of psychiatric service dogs for people with post traumatic stress disorder, as well as dogs for families with an autistic child, and also emotional support dogs,” said Hart, a professor in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction in . Trained to assist a person with autism, an “autism dog” is usually connected physically to the person with ropes or other forms of tethers. There are two primary objectives for such dogs. First and foremost, they are considered “service” dogs.

Any autistic person may qualify for an autism service dog; they are available for both children and adults. If an autistic person cannot properly function in one or more different aspects of their daily life, they may qualify for an autism service dog. If you've ever watched a service dog help a person with a physical disability, it shouldn't come as a surprise that canine companions can also be trained to help people with autism. Here are some of the ways these dogs make life better and more manageable for children with autism.