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aika adult pran - Mofos - I Know That Girl - Amy Parks - Asian Honey Gets Pran

Jul 25,  · Adult Pran in Aika One new feature that accompanied the expansion of the Exodus is the Adult Pran. As the shift towards such a way, his pran will carry a pair of wings and a wand too. This "new pran" will be more active during the battles, because she will fight with you! New skills~Fire Level 50 - Passive. Increase Patk and Level 55 - Active. Increase Critical for 30 Level 50 - Passive. Increase Pdef a.

Pran are companions that you receive from a quest at level 7 from Captain Cromwell. The word "Pran" is derived for " Pr incess of A ir N ymph". They follow you through your journey and cheer you on along the way. They are your constant companions that will buff and cast protective and useful spells on you if their devotion is high enough. Each answer you give the Pran while talking adds points to specific personality columns. After you add points to a particular personality column, the Pran's personality will change and all other personality columns will lose 30% of their points. Food purchased from the Cash Shop will add personality points.

Apr 04,  · Using packet "Aika BR Pran Adult transformation" In this post I'll teach an easy way to send the packet that transforms pran teen as an adult, which was released by . Aug 21,  · Unlocked adult pran evolution – levels up to 99 but skills are max level 70 until the appropriate cap. Dice drops have been activated and the NPC added Skulls are now activated Renamed Contested Lands teleport scroll to Traband Teleport Scroll.

(AIKA) New Pran Wings; [AIKA] Servers are now UP! [AIKA] Server UP! EVENT more. [AIKA] Returning Players Event; [AIKA] Login Event; (AIKA) Special Recharge event JUNE.