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Jun 19,  · See options for government health insurance programs for people with disabilities. Get information from for children and adults with disabilities. Education. Learn about programs and accommodations for students of any age who have disabilities. See a list of resources for parents of children with special needs. Apr 10,  · Resources to connect people with disabilities, caregivers, families, and professionals to federal, national, and local programs and information. Discrimination on the Basis of Disability (Office for Civil Rights) Learn more about HHS’ role in enforcing non-discrimination requirements related to health care and social services programs.

Healthcare coverage for adults with disabilities and elderly adults who may need services. Explore this Section. Support Services Available Under Developmental Disabilities Program. Traditional Support Services. Developmental Disability Agencies,Residential Habilitation Agencies, and Certified Family Homes offer services that allow Adults. By offering day programs for adults with disabilities, we can focus on helping our participants develop many universal skills. These include teamwork, problem solving, and social skills that are an important part of interacting with their community. We successfully work with high-risk individuals and the programming of our day programs is %.

Federal Programs for People with Disabilities Eligible people with disabilities may qualify for federal and state programs that pay benefits, pay health care costs or provide food. The Medicaid Program has special provisions for people with developmental disabilities.

Adult Developmental Disabilities – Oaks Integrated Care Oaks believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. List of services and programs offered by the Developmental Disabilities Administration.