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adult tonsil problem - Slender minx lets you stuff your tonsils tickler inside of her soggy box

Sep 27,  · Tonsillitis most often affects kids and teens, but adults can develop it, too. Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. The tonsils are two small soft tissue masses found on each side of the Author: Julie Marks. Getting infections often can cause breathing problems or sore throats that don't go away. Reasons you might have your tonsils removed as an adult include: Chronic throat infection, which is the.

Jun 01,  · Tonsillitis may be a common condition in children, but it can also affect adults. Viral infections cause most cases of tonsillitis in adults and children, and at-home treatment with rest, fluids, Author: Danielle Dresden. Oct 06,  · Tonsil issues are actually somewhat common: In fact, close to , people over the age of 15 have theirs removed each year, according to research published in JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck.

Tonsillitis usually settles after a few days but can last for a week or two. Some people can develop problems with chronic tonsillitis, which is a sore throat that is present for longer periods of time, often with occasional flare-ups of acute tonsillitis. Occasionally, an abscess, or collection of pus, can form around the tonsil. Apr 19,  · Tonsillar hypertrophy is the medical term for persistently enlarged tonsils. The tonsils are two small glands located on either side of the back of .

Mar 09,  · Most people have their tonsils taken out as children, but occasionally, an adult ends up requiring the surgery. People always say that's better to get your tonsils taken out as a child; this is mostly because adults tend to experience more complications from the surgery and during the recovery. My tonsil had gotten bigger and even though the steroids help to reduce the size, it is still large and I can feel it in my throat at all times. I would say the one tonsil covers half of my throat, almost touching the uvula. I have decided with the ENT doc that I will remove the tonsil.