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Sailing is a sport of freedom –of the wind, water, body and spirit. Our Adaptive Sailing resources, courses, and events are designed to share the freedom of sailing with people with disabilities. Looking to incorporate an adaptive program at your organization? Looking . Adult Sailing Our 10 Adult Championships provide an opportunity for our members to go head to head on a national level with their peers in a wide range of formats including fleet, match, team, offshore and more. Our Championship season culminates with the Championship of Champions - the best of the best.

ADULT CLASSES The Minneapolis Sailing Center has an extensive adult sailing program: Classes are taught in either the smaller and more responsive sailboat or the more stable and larger Ensign Keelboat. Successful completion of each class automatically grants a . Adult Basic Centerboard Sailing Two T his three-hour class is designed for adult students who have completed the three-hour Adult Basic Sailing Class with us (or its equivalent) and have done capsize practice. Students will be sailing on a stable centerboard sailboat with a US Sailing-Cert.

adult sailing program Skills covered in class are knots, rigging the boat, tacking, jibing, sail trim, hull trim, point sail, docking, and more. The sailing portion of the instruction includes 4x 3hr learning sessions aboard the Cal Welcome to the ABYC Adult Sailing Program! If you are an active adult and want to learn how to sail, look no further. ABYC offers one of the best learn-to-sail programs on the west coast.

Adult Sail Adult Sail covers sailing, classes, paddle sports and more! Sign Up View Class Schedule COVID Program Updates Regatta Point offers a flat fee membership that covers sailing, sailing classes, paddle sports, group lessons, access at different locations and guest privileges. Aug 20,  · Hi, Im Captain Rutger Yorkelsonson, join me and my wife Katarinana to make history to be the first couple to sailaround the world in the nude and without.