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adult naruto fanfic - Naruto Fucks Hinata is not in any way associated with or related to (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the by its members. Naruto in the New World. Chapter 1. A Colorful New Life. The Madara Uchiha in disguise, Uchiha Obito, with a painful erection, could only scowl darkly while looking at the boy who destined to stop him doing something that could only be called men's wildest fantasies.

Chapter 9 Forest of Sex and Snakes. I don't own Naruto. Anything I use from the story is the property of its creator Mr. Kishimoto. Once Naruto arrived at the Forest of Death he decided to change his focus from the killing intent he felt earlier to the second exam. Priority one was to . KakaNaru. Naruto's upset becuase he's gay, yet can't find the supposedly hottest guy in Kohona Sasuke the least bit sexy. He goes to our favorite one-eye'd sensei for help, and help he gets! Yaoi, sex, clones, Sasuke bashing Kind Of Enjoy!

Naruto visited Sarada quite often, exactly like how he had promised her to. Three times a week, sometimes he even came to her for four times a week and she didn't complain a bit about it and she never rejected his offer to have sex. Sarada was wearing her loose t-shirt in dark blue with the same color shorts. She had put Karuto to sleep. Naruto didn't know if he should be respectful to their wisdom or suspicious of their clinging to positions of such influence while Hokage after Hokage fought, died, or retired with honor. "Hokage-sama" Koharu began, "it is good that you have come to meet us." "I always respected the wisdom of my elders." Naruto .

Naruto and his sister who is one year older take on the adventures. Follows the anime this starts at the very begining things will be changed when need so I can fit Naruko into the story. This is a NarutoxNaruko fanfic. adult Naruto; Everyone is an adult in this. Summary. While on a dangerous mission, a 21 year old Naruto not only gets transported through time, but also to a different earth. Where ninjas disappeared long ago and the modern world thinks he's a superhero.