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At 18 years old, you can vote, buy a house, or even get married without restriction in most states. On the other hand, you can also get sued, gamble away your tuition through online poker, or make terrible stock market investments. At the age of 18, you are legally considered an adult in nearly every state in . In the Republic of Ireland the age of majority is 18, but one must be over 21 years of age to stand for election to the Houses of the Oireachtas. Also, in Portugal the age of majority is 18, but one must be at least 25 years of age to run for public office and 35 years of age to run for president.

Oct 25,  · 18 is the age of "majority" and considered an emancipated adult. I would say 18 is sufficient. Aug 04,  · An year-old's other rights include being allowed to buy a car, earn credit and be selected for jury duty. Eighteen-year-olds are tried in a court as adults and are generally not claimed on their parents' tax returns. A male who is 18 years old must register with the Selective Service.

Sep 19,  · Parents of year-olds no longer have legal authority over their children. This can make emergency scenarios difficult, unless you're prepared. Here's a list of legal documents every 18 . This problem can be avoided if there are one or more other members of the LLC who are over age 18—for example, the minor’s parent or parents or an adult sibling or friend. These adult members should sign all contracts on the LLC’s behalf.

Feb 06,  · anyone over the age of 18 is an adult so yes, they do have to be on the lease. sorry, but he signed--he's responsible. really crappy of his parents to do that to him. but it's standard for anyone. Adolescents and young adults age 16 through 23 years (age 16 through 18 years preferred) not at increased risk for meningococcal disease: Based on shared clinical decision-making, 2-dose series MenB-4C at least 1 month apart, or 2-dose series MenB-FHbp at 0, 6 months (if dose 2 was administered less than 6 months after dose 1, administer dose 3.