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Media Works is South Africa’s leading provider of Adult Education and Training (AET) for over 24 years. Media Works is a leading provider of adult education in South Africa. Established over 2 decades ago, Media Works has brought training excellence to the market, empowering the lives of over a million South Africans. OUR HISTORY.

Jul 06,  · Pornography now comes formatted like social media sites with options to 'like', 'follow' and 'share' explicit content from 'friends'. Pornography has gone social. Sexually-oriented content is now being presented in the same format as mainstream social media websites. And . MediaWorks New Zealand is a New Zealand-based radio, outdoor advertising and interactive media company jointly owned by U.S. company Oaktree Capital Management and out-of-home advertising company QMS. It operates nine national radio brands, twelve websites and one locally operated radio station. On 1 December , MediaWorks sold its entire television division, MediaWorks TV to .

Adult Social Media Membership. This is a safe place for adults to share intimacies from the safety of their own homes at the low monthly cost of a single nights door fee at any club or nightlife venue. Our paid services ensure the platform remains safe and spam free.