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Jul 24,  · Adult Lyrics: You told me to look away / I said "I've seen better days" / But you don't get that / You could never get that / 'Cause I've been living on my own for some time / Making it on my. Translation of '어른 (Adult)' by My Mister (OST) (나의 아저씨, My Ahjussi) from Korean to English.

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"Adult Film" lyrics. Nas Lyrics "Adult Film" (feat. Swizz Beatz) RAW RAW Fuck outta here, second guessin' our love Dick Tracy detective inspectin' hoes need a hug You need to detect this dick, get your ass out the club Get a cook book, you gossipin', watchin' Hip-Hop and Love, ugh. Say what you will about the simple lyrics to mindless pop songs, but there is definitely an art to sneaking adult themes into hits that everyone from will sing along to.

Real Adult Lyrics: Woo! / Sometimes I daydream I see my grandma / And she is sleeping inside my mom's room / She probably left us because we're broken / But I am stronger than you imagine / She has. Apr 10,  · The Adults Are Talking Lyrics: They've been sayin' you're sophisticated / They're complainin', overeducated / You are saying all the words I'm dreaming / Say it .