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Fellowship Ideas Western Theme Everyone comes dressed in western clothes. Cook outside on a grill. Decorate with hay or wheat bales. Mar 18,  · I am often asked about fellowships for older adults and experienced professionals since many fellowships appear to skew towards young professionals and students. There are actually many fellowship opportunities for people over age 50, and late career can be one of the best times to pursue a competitive fellowship.

Nov 26,  · As you consider the type or theme of your fellowships, here’s a list of ideas that groups of all sizes can enjoy: Creative Fellowship Ideas. Alan Raughton serves as adult ministry specialist at LifeWay. For 19 years Alan has trained Christian Educators and Adult Ministry leaders around the . Jul 25,  · Small Group Ideas That Create Fellowship 1. Have a party the first half of the group meeting. Have everyone bring food, and use the time to talk and laugh and maybe play some games.

As you plan for intentional older adult ministry, keep in mind that every older adult is a unique individual and one ministry idea does not meet all needs. Be sure to identify needs and plan ministry accordingly. Listed below are selected ministry ideas with older adults. Jan 19,  · Therefore,not only does the church have to plan ministry for older adults(), maturing adults (75+), but also for middle adults () for their numbers are growing. As a result, the church must develop ministry ideas and ministry opportunities for three church groups.

Jul 19, - Explore Randee Carney's board "Women's Group Ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about womens group, womens ministry, womens ministry events pins. Jan 06,  · Singles Dream Team: About one-third of adults in your town are single. Form a top-notch team to pray and plan multiple small groups, events, and ministries for singles. Kick off with a single adult retreat. New Members Fellowship: Host a bi-annual or quarterly event for new church members to help them feel welcome and make friends.