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adult indigo longevity - Mofos - Lets Try Anal - Indigo August - Happy ANALversery

Apr 15,  · Indigo adults, tend to show extraordinary wisdom, well beyond their years, throughout their whole life. Most especially when they were children. Some say the wisdom and love indigo people have is a result of experiencing several incarnations on this planet. Others consider indigo . The maximum reported longevity for a captive eastern indigo snake of unknown sex was 25 years and 11 months (Snider and Bowler ). Adult eastern indigo snakes have very large activity ranges and most estimates of home ranges vary from several hundred to several thousand acres (hectares).

Aug 14,  · As an indigo adult, you’re an empath to the core. You can’t bear seeing the pains and sufferings of others. Because of this, you avoid situations where you feel helpless because you know you can’t do anything to help out. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just that you feel emotionally drained when exposed to these situations. Jan 23,  · A majority are familiar with indigo as the deep and rich color that borders blue and violet on the visible spectrum. It is a personality type that has been existent since the s. We call them indigo adults. They have only gained popularity in the recent past. Now that I have aroused your curiosity, let’s [ ].

I remember like in I thought I was an Indigo Adult and I wrote on a forum or e-mailed someone ’cause I was looking for my Indigo brothers and sisters and the reply was furious. Like the person that wrote me back was pissed off at me. So I dismissed it completely. I do believe in energy, frequency and I am hypersensible to people’s. The Purpose Of Adult Indigo. The purpose of Indigos is to bring healing first to themselves, and then to others, in order to reform the wayward consciousness of Earth. Indigos are of a warrior soul that will not tolerate fakeness, falseness, or agendas. They see right through that and can pick up on the persona in an instant after meeting someone.

Jun 17,  · Indigo adults where born before You really have got that one wrong. I know myself and several like others older than me born before the dates you state. Indigo mom Reply. I’m a beta (69). I have a delta son (92) and an omega son (01). I’ve tried to help prepare them for their future, succeeding in some areas and failing.