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the adult equivalent scale for the particular commodity, dj is the adult equivalent scale for income, a is the regression constant, and b is the income elasticity. In this approach, a specific type of person is characterized by the set of weights (c,) for each commodity, the set for the adult male being the unit vector. These weights are. Use of the Tobit model for estimation of adult equivalent scale (AES) parameters and expenditure equations presupposes that zero observations represent exclusively corner xxxcum.xyz by: 4.

The number of adult male equivalents (AMEs) in each household was calculated from the household roster information collected during the household interview [28, 29]. The AME is the proportion of a. The adult male equivalent concept and its application to Household Consumption and Expenditures Surveys (HCES) Food Nutr Bull. Sep;33(3 Suppl):S doi: /S Authors Robert Weisell 1, Marie Claude Dop. Affiliation 1 Food and Cited by:

Abstract This paper examines the sensitivity of inequality and poverty measures to the adult equivalence scale and the unit of analysis. Comparisons are made using parametric equivalence scales, and income units include individuals, equivalent adults and households. Adult Equivalent Methodology and Tools. MLA Project xxxcum.xyz Shane Blakeley & Ian McLean. Bush AgriBusiness Pty Ltd • Why is this important?

The Adult Male Equivalent (AME) was devel - oped to provide an expression of household food intake that accounts for the composition of the household and . Jun 01,  · Variations include the height of the person's torso (known as back length), whether the bust, waist, and hips are straighter (characteristic of teenagers) or curvier (like many adult women), and whether the bust is higher or lower (characteristic of younger and older women, respectively). These categories include.