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DFCS strengthens the reach of knowledge gain and skills learned by individuals by promoting community-based programs delivered through the Cooperative Extension System that focus on adult development and aging. Programs are intended to assist individuals in making informed decisions and contribute to lifestyles. Priority areas of focus are. The Adult Development Program (ADP) is entirely community based, using person centered planning to develop employment and other life skills for the participants. Our “Pathways to Employment” component includes a Job Readiness Clinic which helps our participants find and keep employment and volunteer positions within the community.

Apply for Adult with Developmental Disabilities Programs The Medicaid Program has special provisions for people with developmental disabilities. The Adult Development Centers are designed to provide program services to adults with severe/profound developmental disabilities who are not ready for work activity centers, sheltered workshops or other ongoing day programs.

Adult Development The Focus Adult Development Programs are day activity programs operated by Focus, Inc. They are licensed, partially funded and monitored by the State of Arkansas. The purpose of the programs is to assist adults with disabilities to grow and learn. The influx of adult learners into adult education venues has resulted in a demand for qualified adult educators to assist adult learners as they cope with the effects of an ever-changing world. Graduates are Successful Working in a Variety of Positions and in a Variety of Adult Education Settings The ALD program meets the needs of employers.

The Adult Development Center promotes the independence and integration of adults with disabilities in the community. May 18,  · The largest cohort of adult stage development is the skill-centric, or experts, who comprise about 37% of the adult workforce. Experts use “craft logic” to rule norms with a focus on their.