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Adult day programs are also designed to offer family support. They may conduct caregiver support groups, offer education on topics such as managing difficult or confusing behaviors and safety in the home, as well as provide counseling and help with locating community resources. Jul 27,  · Our Adult Day Training program, serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, offers interesting activities, field trips, socialization opportunities and vocational skills training for recent high school graduates, young adults and senior learners.

Adults learn best when there are varied opportunities to develop and practice skills and when they can be applied to new settings. Offering a variety of activities assists with engagement, decreases boredom, and provides each individual with the opportunity to identify . Apollo Adult Day Program, Inc. GROUP SOCIAL BONDING. A way to reconnect, talk, and discuss with your staff, friends & peers on how you are doing and what is on your mind. This space also provides groups opportunities to plan as a team on what they would like to participate in, or provide an open-forum style discussions on what they would like.

19 CSR (1):An adult day care program is a group program designed to provide care and supervision to meet the needs of five (5) or more functionally impaired adults for periods of less than twenty-four (24) hours but more than two (2) hours per day in a place other than the adult's own xxxcum.xyz Size: 2MB. An adult day program that serves adults who are in the process of acquiring self-help skills. Individuals who attend adult development centers generally need sustained support and direction in developing the ability to interact with others, to make their needs known, and to respond to instructions.

RFQVA # DDD 7 – Day Treatment and Training, Adult 4 Effective Partner with the Division to conduct program reviews to assess performance in meeting allFile Size: KB. Welcome to Elder-Well ® A Social-Supportive Adult Day Program. Thank you for your interest in the Elder-Well ® Adult Day Program!. Elder-Well ® provides non-medical, social-supportive day services to older adults with mild to moderate cognitive and/or physical care needs.. Elder-Well ® Adult Day Program’s offer compassionate supervised care, enriching and therapeutic activities.