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Surgery for Adult Congenital Heart Disease Closed Heart Surgery. Closed heart surgery is most often performed to repair defects that occur on the outside of the Open Heart Surgery. Your surgeon may use open heart surgery to repair heart defects that occur inside the heart. In this Heart. A full range of imaging techniques and diagnostic studies to diagnose and treat congenital heart defects. Cardiac catheterization and other minimally invasive procedures to treat defects of the heart and heart rhythm abnormalities. Surgical procedures including congenital heart surgery and heart transplantation.

Congenital heart disease was repaired in childhood, but the treatment was not completely successful and surgery is needed to correct the problem. This includes patients with: Coarctation or re-coarctation of the aorta. The aorta is pinched in or narrowed, like a kink in a hose. Open Heart Surgery. Surgery may be necessary to repair certain congenital heart defects. These procedures are performed by surgeons who help establish national standards for treating adult congenital heart disease. Minimally Invasive Procedures. Small incisions are used, when possible, to reduce scarring and pain and shorten your recovery.

Treatment for Adult Congenital Heart Disease. Our specialists may recommend medication, cardiac devices, catheter procedures, or surgery for adults who have congenital heart disease. Medication for Adult Congenital Heart Disease. Our doctors may prescribe medication to help manage adult congenital heart disease. Collaborative adult congenital heart disease care. We provide expert care to adults with congenital heart disease, whether your case is simple or complex. Our multidisciplinary program has specialists in numerous fields, including congenital heart surgeons, heart imaging specialists, electrophysiologists .

Cleveland Clinic's Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center combines cutting-edge technology with compassion and a family-centered approach to congenital heart care. Our cardiologists and surgeons are world-renowned leaders in the treatment of CHD. Adult congenital heart disease: What patients and families should know ; Adult defects; Infographic: Congenital Heart Disease and Lifelong Care; Kinser's story; Robotic or minimally invasive cardiac surgery for adult-adolescent congenital heart disease; .