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Nov 18,  · Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Settings, then Parental. Enter your Sky TV PIN. Select Family, then Hide adult content. Select Off to show adult . Oct 05,  · New Television X and Adult Channel Sky subscription bundle October 5, On September 30th, Portland/RHF’s services became part of the family of adult channels owned by MG Global Entertainment (Europe) Ltd. This means, for the first time ever, Television X, The Adult Channel, Brazzers and Babes are offered in a mega subscription bundle on Sky.

Adult Channels on Sky. Fergie Posts: Forum Member. 03/01/06 - in Sky #1. The adult based channels that sky have available. Are these channels they same as the ones on the analog system,ie soft porn? 0. Comments. JBlink Posts: 2, Mar 29,  · Sky Adult TV Sky ( offers a wide selection of free-to-air adult TV channels, such as Babestation and Playboy TV chat. These channels are available free with any Sky package. There are also a range of premium channels, such as Television X and Playboy TV, which are subject to daily or monthly subscription charges.

Adult channels are channels that feature adult content, in the sense of erotica or pornography. List of adult channels: 40+ – UK (40+, Couples, Hookups) AOV Adult Movie Channel – Canada; Arouse – North America; BangU. – US (formerly SKiN TV, . Feb 15,  · If something more explicit is required then the more enlightened European nations/broadcasters offer various channels but none that can be easily picked up with a SKY system. You'll find a guide to channels here (over 18's only of course) and with some further investment in hardware they are accessible.

Adult Nightly - Pay per night terms and conditions. If you have purchased the adult nightly bundle then the following terms and conditions apply: SSSL will provide customer services in relation to Events as agent for Sky. Any terms used and not defined will have the same meaning as given in your Sky digital Subscription Contract. 1. Definitions. Apr 29,  · Yes it's a bit dodgy when you type 71 and hit an extra 1 or 7 and come up with adult tv haha. We have all the channels appear on our list and there seems to be a silly amount, but I don't think any of them show anything, dunno about ten minute freeview and the like as midnight is past my bedtime haha.