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Sep 09,  · Hi there. Just came across your forum. I have an adult female's in a cage I found on Kijiji here in Canada. A guy housed a male for 25 years in the cage I bought from him but I still feel it is small. Looking for options and came across They seem to have a few great options for large Melissa A Smith. If your adult iguana has reached maturity and is 5 feet long, you will need a terrarium that is to 9 feet long, 5 to 6 feet wide and around feet high. This custom adult iguana cage is feet х 4 feet х 2 feet (height x length x depth).

Iguana Cages That Will Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy Never buy iguana cages haphazardly. Iguana Enclosures Iguanas are large lizards that require sizeable iguana enclosures.

Jun 04,  · In general, this means the cage will need to be about 6 feet high, feet wide, and feet Pippa Elliott, MRCVS.