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Bicycle Safety Click Here for the new guide from NHTSA on buying a properly fitting bicycle helmet! Click Here for tips on Bike Safety! A Fall at Any Speed Can Cause Serious Head Injuries! A Bicycle Helmet is headgear that is especially made to protect your head in a fall. Bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by up to 85 percent. Jan 01,  · The most important piece of safety gear for any cyclist is the bike itself. If your bike doesn't fit you or doesn't work properly, you could be a two-wheeled accident waiting to happen. For best control, you should be sure that your bike is the right Chris Woolston.

Adult Education. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is committed to making Maine better for walking and biking. In order to do that, we facilitate and manage programs that serve to educate Maine residents about safe walking and biking practices. The seminar’s emphasis is on how to teach bicycle safety and skills to provide increased. First, know some bicycle safety facts: Regardless of the season, bicyclist deaths occurred most often between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Bicyclist deaths occur most often in urban areas (75%) compared to rural areas (25%) in Bicyclist deaths were 8 times higher for males than females in

SMART BIKING – ADULT BIKE SAFETY CLASSES. Category. byBike Easy January 28, Bike Easy is gearing up to offer its next round of Smart Biking classes. Smart Biking is a free course designed to help anyone feel comfortable safely riding a bike in traffic. Make sure you have essential safety gear, like lights, reflectors, extra tire tubes, and an air pump. Three-wheeled bikes are larger than bicycles, and so they must be visible to riders in low-lights. When, and if, a tire pops, it is difficult to carry tricycles to a shop. Having the stuff to .