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Mar 13,  · Home / 27 Art Activities and Lessons to Try at Home. 11 months ago Abby Schukei. 6 Comments. Art Education and the Coronavirus (COVID) In the current situation of the widespread transmission of COVID, the hands of educators are tied. Knowing schools could be the first places to shut down, we’re waiting to see what’s expected of us. These activities will ask you to face some unpleasant aspects of life, but with the goal of overcoming them. Draw a place where you feel safe. An art therapy directive for finding your safe place. Create a mini-diorama. A diorama can showcase an important moment in .

Creative Craft Ideas That Adults Can Try. When it comes to showing off one's talents, why should children only have all the fun? We present you with some ideas that will help you unleash your creativity. Have fun on the go, is all I can say with these craft ideas for you, young adults. Nov 29,  · Create a collage journal – this is one of my favorite therapeutic activities for adults. Basically, I search in my old magazines’ images that make me feel good and glue them on a notebook. I try to build a future image of my goals and how I want my life to .